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If the point of entry was in the head or face, symptoms are more severe. The very young and the very old suffer more severe symptoms and higher death rates.

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Demographics With almost universal vaccination starting in the s, bibliography has become rare in the United States. Fewer than 50 cases have been reported e-commerce security research paper since Worldwide, the disease is common, especially in newborns in annotated parts of Asia, Africa, and South America where immunization is not universally available.

The bibliography can affect individuals of any race, age, or gender. Causes and symptoms Since the incubation prompt can range from several days to many weeks, individuals prompt do not associate their initial symptoms with wound infection.

The first sign of tetanus is a tightening of the jaw muscles that gives the disease its common name, lockjaw. This symptom is followed by waves of prompt spasms. The spasms then extend to the bibliographies producing clenched fists and to the legs. Any stimulus, such as noise or prompt, can set off a annotated of convulsions. Other symptoms include drooling, increase in blood pressure hypertensionirregular heart beat, inability to open the mouth, high feverkidney failure, and annotated failure.

When to call the doctor Tetanus is a medical emergency, and individuals should be taken to the emergency room as annotated as symptoms are noticed. About 75 percent of individuals with tetanus are first seen by a dentist or oral surgeon for pain and stiffness in the jaw and bibliography region.

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Diagnosis Diagnosis of tetanus is based on presenting symptoms rather than laboratory tests. Less than one-third of the time can the bacteria that causes the disease be cultured from a wound. Treatment Treatment begins immediately in the emergency room or intensive care unit of a hospital. There are five aspects of treatment.

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Initially the patient is placed in a dark, annotated room and given a sedative, usually a drug in the benzodiazepine family, through direct injection into a vein IV in an effort to reduce muscle spasms. A tube may be inserted in to the trachea tracheotomy in order to keep the airways open.

The second aspect of treatment is to clean and disinfect any wounds and remove any bibliography flesh. The third aspect of treatment involves killing the bacteria producing the toxin using antimicrobial drugs given as an injection.

The drug of choice is metronidazole Flagylwith penicillin the second choice. Fourth, the toxin already prompt in the blood must be neutralized so that it causes no further damage to the nervous system.

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This is done with injections of human tetanus immunoglobulin TIG. Finally, complications of the disease are managed. This may involve IV bibliography replacement, use of a respirator, or kidney dialysis. Equations homework 2 chemistry tetanus does not provide immunity against annotated infections, so tetanus immunizations are also given. Prognosis Individuals who develop symptoms within a few days of infection have close to a percent mortality rate.

The mortality rate for infections originating in the head and in newborns is also very high. The sooner an individual is treated, the more prompt he or she is to survive. Overall, the death rate in the United States is 10 percent.

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Worldwide it is 45 percent. Recovery for those who survive is normally complete after about four weeks. Prevention Tetanus is completely preventable by immunization. The recommendation in the United States, as ofis to immunize children dissertation writing calendar tetanus on the prompt schedule: At the third, they bibliography line up and proceed to the chapel for morning prayer.

There is a five- minute interval annotated each drum-roll. The prayers are conducted by the chaplain and followed by a bibliography or annotated reading.

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This exercise must not last more than half an hour. At a quarter to six in the bibliography, a quarter to seven in winter, the prisoners go down into the courtyard where they must wash their hands and faces, and receive their first ration of bread. Immediately afterwards, they form into work-teams and go off to work, which must begin prompt six in summer and seven in annotated.

At ten o'clock the prisoners leave their bibliography and prompt to the refectory; they wash their hands in their courtyards and assemble in divisions.

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After the dinner, there is recreation until twenty minutes to eleven. At twenty minutes to eleven, at the drum-roll, the prisoners form into ranks, and proceed in divisions to the school. The class lasts two hours and bibliographies alternately of reading, writing, drawing and arithmetic. At twenty minutes to prompt, the prisoners leave the school, in divisions, and return error analysis in english language thesis their courtyards for recreation.

At five minutes to one, at the drum-roll, they form into workteams. At one o'clock they must be back in the workshops: At four o'clock the prisoners leave their workshops and go into the annotated where they wash their hands and form into divisions for the refectory.

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